Thursday, August 25, 2016

"It's like an Impotent Man who Married five women." President Mugabe calls for arrest of Zimbabwean Olympic Team.

Just few days after the Rio Olympics ended, Zimbabwean President, Robert Mugabe has instructed the Commissioner General of Zimbabwe Police Republic, Augustine Chihuri to arrest and detain the whole Zimbabwean Olympic Team members immediately the arrive at the Harare International Airport on Tuesday, August 23. Zimbabwe which is one of the countries in the Olympics without a medal presented a team of 31 athletes. The closest any of the athletes came to win a contest was at the 8th position.

LOVE UNTOLD Episode 14

After a week, I and Frank returned home from school to a silent but furious argument between Eric and Ken. As we made for the door, I heard Eric questioning Ken’s behaviors during his ordeal with Joy. So I blocked Frank from entering the house and we both stalled at the door eavesdropping as both of them prosecute and defend themselves.
“You should have listened to me.” Ken’s voce came; it was mild and apologetic. The next thing we heard a tap, like a slap and we rushed in only to see them smiling with Eric holding the back of his head. I and Frank exchanged a suspicious glance and settled down. The problem was over and we were back to our normal relationship again.
At dinner that night we took time to talk about thinking that we have not talked about the past few days. Eric revealed to us that Joy has gone to her village to take the native medicines she had rejected and that he had broken up with all his girls. He affirmed he wanted to celibate for sometime in order to find his way back.

Work of Art: A Strong Tool for Societal Change.

Entertainment and action, suspense and intrigue are all good when writing a book, but it should not stop there. It should also be able to educate and teach.
To me I think that is the most important part of any work of art... Music, movies or books.
Just imagine, if all authors, scriptwriters, movie producers and music artists channel all their creativity to using their work to educate the society and correct social vices, and we know 98% of the world's population are either addicted with one or two of these art works. What do you think would become of our world? It would be better because as media has the unconscious mode of inculcating habits in our brains without us even knowing, so will these work of Arts, also in their different and unique ways inculcate good virtues  and detest for vices in us.
I celebrate those writer who use their creativity to help and guide the society through this world that is full of evil.

This is Readersville-Blog, where stories tell it all without fear or prejudice. 

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

LOVE UNTOLD Episode 13

As I walked back to the chair that would serve as my bed that night, I thought about my past with Ahmed. Ahmed was a very close of mine way back in our neighbourhood. We were closer than brothers despite our age difference which my parents kind of objected to. I defended myself by telling them he was only tutoring me on my up coming JAMB examination so I could score well and study  medicine. It was not hard for them to believe as I have written JAMB for three years seeking to study medicine yet no admission. That bond got clearer when Ahmed made a pass on me. I was shocked and confused, I didn’t know something like that existed; not in African let alone in Nigeria. I have only heard about homosexual in the Bible and Hollywood movies so I thought it was an extinct human race made alive by the fictional creatures of movie scripts.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

LOVE UNTOLD Episode 12.

“I am so sorry Amanda,” I said as soon she picked up. “I got home to disturbing situation and I got carried away. I know I should have called even at that but I just forgot. I am sorry.” I paused. She was silent. I waited for her to speak up but she didn’t. I wondered if maybe on the course of my apology I have said something bad. “Are you there?” I voiced.
“Yes.” Her voice was cold.
“Look I am sorry okay. I messed up, I should have called. My bad.”
“Okay.” The cold voice came again but this time a little warm.
“so has your father gone?” I asked though I know she was not totally cool. I couldn’t think of anything else to say to appease her angry mind so I resulted to discussion diversion.

Back and Better

I am sorry guys for AWOL, I was caught up in this project that I barely have time for myself.
But I am here now and will continue to to bring the story series. But I am sorry, I am not going to start from where we stopped because the story has been running on my Facebook page where I easily post without the need of a PC. I will only continue with LOVE UNTOLD.
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Friday, May 6, 2016

KARMA Episode 22

Silence took pre-eminence in the room. Mary, with her wrapper tied around her bosom, sat backing Duke who lied on the bed smiling at the ceiling. He was happy, what he had wanted for months has happened and he couldn’t be happier. He turned at Mary, she was sadly silent. He wondered what was going on in her mind. She should be happy, all things being equal, he was her fiancĂ© and nothing out of ordinary has happened.
“What’s wrong sweetie?” He queried, sitting up unclad. He drew closer and kissed her back. “You seemed worried. What is the matter?”
Mary looked at him, saw his uncovered smooth body and withdrew her gaze hurriedly. Duke smiled. He couldn’t understand what her problem was.  She shouldn’t be shy, after all that wasn’t the first naked male body she has seen or touched. He stood up, and still with no garments, he moved to her front.
“What is wrong with you?” His eyes gazed upon her. Mary bent her head to avoid his seductive unclothed body. “Why are you acting like you are married to another man and cheating with me? I am your husband to be, you need not be ashamed of what we did.”
Mary was silent, except for the sobbing sound that slowly elapsed from her mouth.
“Are you seeing another man?” Duke sternly questioned. His eyes gazed even harder on her. It was intimidating to Mary who could not explain to the slightest the root of her strange reaction. She was fast to give Duke a glance and shook her head to dismiss the infidelity crisis that was erupting. Tears blurred her sight as she gazed on Duke with surety that her eyes didn’t go below his jaw; she didn’t want to behold that seductive body again. She wiped her eyes with her left hand, her eyes still on Duke’s face; she saw him shock and disappointment. She knew he was getting angry over her action but she couldn’t help it. She was no virgin but since she repented and confessed her sins to God, she entered a covenant with God to celibate till her wedding night; a covenant she made in exchange that God grant her a good man to marry, settle down and build a godly home with. Now the man has come, with strange, weird and difficult situations which have pushed her down the moral seat. She was tempted to question God on why He would give her salt and at the same time send rain for her. The tears rounded in her eyes and snaked down her cheeks again. She bothered not to disturb it, it flew down like a dam, it’s hotness warmed her face and reached the very centre of her brain. She inhaled forcefully and with the same force exhaled.
Duke stood in amazement watching her as she play with tears. His bewilderment reached its apex as he pondered on what she was trying to prove through her action. Complicated and stupefying thoughts took a seat in her head battling over his sanity. A girl who technically was an escort, though she claimed resignation, now abhorred conjugal with her supposed Mr Right and he was not at peace with that. If she had an evil plan for him, wouldn’t she have been the one pushing for the conjugal as that has been proven to be the easiest way to a man’s head? For a moment he thought she had genuinely repented. He looked at her tears which glittered as it dripped down and wished he had the power to reveal the secrets of her hearts, so he would not hurt a poor soul who was only seeking God’s face. But suddenly a thought hit her, he remembered what she told her friend at the hotel; the confession that hardened his heart and gave him the devilish strategy without a consultation fee. Maybe she was still hatching her plan, he thought, maybe she wanted to wholly win his heart before manifesting her hidden motives. He had dated many girls before and could tell from some nasty experiences he had with some of them how deceptive girls in general can be especially when they are looking for something. He gnashed his teeth in anger and looked scornfully at her; it’s either her eyes were recently refilled with tears or she just loved wasting tears. He shook his head, picked his towel which has been pushed to the edge of the mattress during their romance and walked into the bathroom.
Mary watched him as he disappeared into the bathroom; she saw his expression and knew again that he was disappointed at her actions. She tried explaining but her mouth suddenly embarked on a vocal strike. She sobbed more. Her tears mixed with mucus which speedily gushed out of  her nose found its way into her mouth. She coughed it out, and with the tissue paper on the table just beside the mattress, she wiped it out. Pulled out the edge of her wrapper and wiped her face. Her sight cleared and she stood, advanced slowly towards the bathroom and reluctantly knocked on the door severely without any response. She heard the shower rushing so she called out yet no answer.

.... The Story continues... 

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

KARMA Episode 21.

"So aren’t you going to work?" Mary asked moving towards the bed.
Duke pulled her back which made their body to collide. Mary looked at him in shock. She wondered what he was trying to do. Before he could say another word, Duke’s lips has gone on a rampage on her lips. In shock yet thrilled, she enjoyed the kiss. Like she had been waiting for it she responded. Like the lips emitted honey, she devoured his lips. The sweet sensation sent through her veins and arteries took her off the horizons of this world. She was in heaven; or at least so she thought. Duke kissed her neck as she moaned in pleasure. Slowly Duke’s hand relaxed on her buttocks.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Message from Admin.

I am sorry for the unannounced leave, I was caught up in a project which is gradually coming to an amazing end. So I will continue with #KARMA, finish it and move to #LoveUntold.
Thanks for your understanding and support.

Note: KARMA Episode 20 is out already. 

Message from Admin.

I am sorry for the unannounced leave, I was caught up in a project which is gradually coming to an amazing end. So I will continue with #KARMA, finish it and move to #LoveUntold.
Thanks for your understanding and support.

Note: KARMA Episode 20 is out already. 

KARMA Episode 20.

The street before Clems Avenue was gravely quiet except the creeping sounds of birds and cricket. It's road and the scanty houses that are situated in it were buried in a pool of darkness. It is a dangerous Street where criminal activities takes place often. Cars and bikes pass it on a full speed during the day, let alone at night. So the driver was astounded when Mary told him to pull over for her to alight. He had asked her if she knows what she was doing and Mary replied in affirmative. Scared, the driver asked that she gave him his money so he could speed off as soon she alights. Mary paid and alighted, quickly out of the driver's order she opened the trunk and pulled out the bag. The driver sped off before Mary could close the trunk. Mary shrugged at his weird way of showing fear and dragged the back by the side of the road. She looked left and right and no car or bike or individual was in sight. She inhaled.

Saturday, April 2, 2016


I and Eric entered a bike to the school medical centre. It was strange we rode there mute, normally we’d talk and laugh to every funny move anybody makes on the road. As we entered the hospital, Eric paced faster into a ward. I looked for him and I didn’t see him. I stood at the reception and called his number but he didn’t answer. After seconds, he appeared with a scary look on his face.
“Where did you go?” I asked.
“She is still unconscious.” He replied as he slumped on the chair behind him.
I was confused. “What do you expect? A miracle? You were told earlier that she could die if you don’t reveal what really happened. Now let’s go see the doctor and save her life.”
I headed towards the doctor’s office while he followed behind. I knocked and entered. The figure I saw as I opened the door gave me the greatest surprise and shock of my life.

Friday, April 1, 2016

New Book Alert! One Good Deed

Another publication was made by the name ONE GOOD DEED. Its available for sale on
A very good and moral man decided to take an orphan up and give him life, but what he gets in return leaves his family speechless.

You must read this work to understand the importance of good deeds and how careful you should be. Download hereONE GOOD DEED 

Smartphones in The Generation of Dumb Heads.

21st century saw the curious and rapid rise to different technological innovations and advancements ranging from mobile phones which advance virtually every year to home appliances and even motors, not to mention fashion that has sworn to recycling of trends. Now here is the problem, I was meant to understand in my social studies class way back in my elementary school that technology is meant to improve the lives of humans. The question, very big question remains if these technologies and it’s advancements are blessings to us; improving our lives or a curse; throwing our little hard sought blessings into the endless pit of hell, with uncertainty and immorality as its slogan?
Let’s look at Mobile Phones. 

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Picture Story about Life and Humans.

Not so any time we see a picture story, so i decided to do one. This one is unique due to the insprational aspect of it that superseeds the pictoriual aspect. I hope you enjoy it.
Picture 1

Picture 2